Becoming an Adoptive Parent

Becoming an Adoptive Parent

Making Your Own Wedding Veil

Brennan Robinson

If you are engaged to be married, picking out your wedding gown can be an exciting experience. You most likely will want to visit a bridal store to see what selection they have available. If you are strapped for cash, you may want to put the bulk of your savings toward a dress from a boutique like Bridal Elegance and consider making your own veil. Here are some instructions you can use to make a headpiece of your own.

Visit A Few Stores

To make a veil, you will need to find materials in your local craft store or sewing store. Material can be purchased for the veil portion of your headpiece at a fraction of the cost that you would pay at an upper-scale bridal shop. You will need to assemble the pieces yourself, but the end result will be well worth the effort.

Sequins, rhinestones and small clear beads will make your veil shimmer when you move. Pick up some white ribbon to use on the edges of your veil. You will also need some white thread.

Look for a clear or white plastic combs that can be attached to the material you pick out for the veil. If these are not available in a craft store, visit a beauty supply store to see if you can purchase them there. 

Assembling Your Headpiece

Cut your material to the length you desire. Fold the white ribbon over the edge of the material the entire way around and pin into place so it does not slide. Use a sewing machine or a steady hand to sew the ribbon directly to the veil material. The ribbon will keep the veil material from fraying and it adds detail to the veil. 

Add some decorations to the ribbon. Sew sequins or small seed beads along the sides and bottom of your veil using white thread. Try to place the decorations on the ribbon in a pattern or in a straight line when sewing. Take your time, as these intricate details will be seen shimmering under light.

Spread out the veil material and use fabric glue to place small twinkling rhinestones on the veil material. Spread them out so they can be seen from every angle when you wear your veil.

Sew two or three small plastic combs along the top portion of the veil material, near the center portion. Sew them to the same side the decorations are on, with the comb portion facing upward. This will allow you to place the combs on top of your head, facing the back of your hairstyle. The veil would drape behind the combs with the decorations showing.


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Becoming an Adoptive Parent

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